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"Pop-up Jazz" Summer Series


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“It’s easy to understand why jazz listeners would value this offering. The room, which seats 70 at most, provides precisely the intimacy on which jazz thrives … the room transformed itself into something of a hushed concert hall once the performance began: No one stirred.”

– Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

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Important News!

I am sad to say that the Whiskey Lounge, our series home since 2014, has closed its doors. I am grateful to the owner, managers and staff for their generous hospitality these past two years and wish them all the best. In the wake of their sudden closing we have quickly regrouped, and I now have several things I can announce: 

New Home

First, we will soon have our series back up in a new home, and we already have some exciting ideas we’re kicking around. Please stay tuned for more details as they become available. 

Pop-up Jazz Summer Series

Second, until we are settled in our new home we will be presenting a really fun “Pop-up Jazz Summer Series”. Here’s how it will work: Periodically I will curate jazz events in different locations which will marry cool jazz artists with interesting venues. We already have several lined up but I’m not going to announce them all right away. See our UPCOMING SHOWS page for information as it is released, or sign up for our newsletter (if you’re not already on our list) by going HERE. I’m really excited about this. You’ll get a chance to hear world-class Chicago jazz in new and unusual settings. What fun! Plus, we’ll be streaming these shows just like every show at the Whiskey Lounge, and we’ll be recording them for inclusion in our Chicago Jazz Live radio program.

On The Air

Finally, speaking of Chicago Jazz Live, our weekly radio show will continue uninterrupted. We recorded dozens of fabulous performances at the Whiskey Lounge, many of which have not yet been broadcast. There's plenty of audio gold to mine until our regular live concerts recommence. So tune in every Tuesday, 7-8PM to WDCB (90.9FM or WDCB.org) for your weekly dose of Chicago Jazz Live!

Many thanks to our friends at WDCB who have been so supportive through this transition, and especially to all of you who have come out to have fun with us and support live music. I am sincerely grateful, and am deeply committed to keeping it going!

With Love,



PS Chicago jazz station WDCB (90.9FM) is our series co-sponsor. See our UPCOMING SHOWS page for more information. In the meantime, if you can't stand to be without us, check out our video archives on our PREVIOUS SHOWS page. And if you would like to receive our once-a-week reminder of the next week's show, sign up for our newsletter HERE. It's fun! See you at the club!

"Chicago Jazz Live" radio show!

Each week, recordings of our live performances are broadcast on the radio! CHICAGO JAZZ LIVE airs in Chicago on Tuesdays, 7-8PM CST on WDCB (90.9FM or WDCB.org) and is syndicated nationwide through PRX (Public Radio Exchange). Tune in!

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